At NBS Bikes, we sell, build, repair, rent and maintain bicycles of all types and offer fast, friendly bicycle repair services to get you back on the road/trail at a price you can afford!

Most bike services & repairs are completed within 24 to 48 hours. Some repairs can be done while you wait.


We carry our own brand of Carbon Bikes and we are an authorized dealer for Diamondback, Raleigh, Redline BMX and Vilano Bicycles, we also carry a few other brands of Bicycles.

Over 300 models of bicycles to choose, for those just learning to ride, to professional racing.

check out our complete line of bicycles.


Want to try our the trails or get back in to riding, but don’t want to spend a lot of money to see if it’s something you like? Check out our rentals; $50 for 1 day, $75 for 2 days and $125 for up to 7 days!! See more details on our rentals page.


No matter your riding style or fitness level, a trail/road-ready bike is vital to an enjoyable and comfortable ride. We can tune your bike, repair it as needed, or build you a bike to your specs. With our tune-ups or reasonably priced individual services, we will get you back on the trail/road fast. Our goal is to have you riding your bike as fast as possible so it’s not sitting around waiting to be repaired. Check out our affordable pricing on our services page.


Regular tune-ups are the best way to keep your bicycle functioning properly. By inspecting, adjusting, and/or lubricating all major components of your bike, tune-ups will ensure your bike is in top condition.


Cables stretch, parts wear and things bend with normal use. Whether for routine maintenance or following accidental spill, adjustments to a bike’s serviceable parts will restore the condition of your equipment.


Heavy usage, accidental damage, or after storage, your bike may need special attention to get it back in top riding condition.


Increase longevity and performance of your bike. From chains to forks, we can install your upgraded or replacement parts. We carry brands from some of the largest and well known cycling companies in the industry.


We carry a large selection of bicycle accessories from over 200 well known brands, from headlights to bike computers.

We offer 6 Month Financing through PayPal Credit for all purchases of $99 or more.